• Magdalena Banka

Why do an engagement session?

I want to fill you in on my engagement sessions! Some of my wedding packages include an engagement session, so it's important that if you are interested in booking me for your wedding, let me know so I can send you my wedding package info.

The question I receive most about my engagement session is,

"What are engagement photographs for? Everyone already knows we're getting married!"

That's an excellent question and I have an excellent answer.

In addition to giving you the opportunity for a steamy, lovey-dovey hour or two with your soonto-be-spouse, engagement sessions serve a utilitarian purpose.

Many people use their engagement sessions for their "Save the dates," wedding planning website, invitations, or even as an announcement to the world that they're tying the knot. A lot of couples even use photographs from their engagement session for wedding thank you cards. Not to mention, engagement session photos give you a chance to show off that gorgeous ring a little bit more (it can be very hard to capture it with a snap and shoot camera). I'd wager a guess that you have loads of people asking you for pictures of your ring! Also, it's a great way to know each other better, practice some poses and this way you will feel more relaxed during your wedding.

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